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CoverageDefinitionOnCentralBodyComputeCoverageOverTheGrid Method (TimeIntervalCollection, ITrackCalculationProgress)

Computes the CoverageQueryResult for each of the grid points. Call this method after setting up the Grid and adding the desired Assets to the definition.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Coverage
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Spatial (in AGI.Foundation.Spatial.dll) Version: 19.1.398.0 (19.1.398.0)
public CoverageGridResult ComputeCoverageOverTheGrid(
	TimeIntervalCollection consideredIntervals,
	ITrackCalculationProgress tracker


Type: AGI.Foundation.TimeTimeIntervalCollection
The time intervals to consider for the coverage calculation.
Type: AGI.FoundationITrackCalculationProgress
A tracker which can track the progress of the calculation and provides a way to smoothly cancel execution.

Return Value

Type: CoverageGridResult
The result of computing coverage over the grid.
PropertyInvalidException The Grid, GridPointCreationMethod, or Filter property is .
InvalidOperationException No Assets have been specified, or a particular AssetObject exists twice in the Assets list.
InvalidOperationException Thrown if the ReferenceSurface from the Grid property doesn't match the Shape of the CentralBody.
If a cancellation request is made on the tracker during the calculation, the result returned will be null.
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