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CoverageDefinitionOnCentralBodyCreateGridPointForAccess Method

This method is used as the default behavior for GridPointCreationMethod. The following services are provided: ILocationPointService, IOrientationAxesService, IKinematicStateService. The location is set as a PointCartographic based on Position and the CentralBody property. The orientation is AxesEastNorthUp by default, so that any FieldOfViewExtensions added to the default platform will be pointing up by default.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Coverage
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Spatial (in AGI.Foundation.Spatial.dll) Version: 19.1.398.0 (19.1.398.0)
public Platform CreateGridPointForAccess(
	CoverageGridPoint gridPoint


Type: AGI.Foundation.CoverageCoverageGridPoint
The grid point to use for the location information of the service provider.

Return Value

Type: Platform
The service provider for use in access calculations.
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