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SemAlmanacReadFrom Method (TextReader, Int32)

Reads a SEM almanac from the specified reader.

Namespace:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation.DataReaders
Assembly:  AGI.Foundation.Navigation (in AGI.Foundation.Navigation.dll) Version: 20.1.403.0 (20.1.403.0)
public static SemAlmanac ReadFrom(
	TextReader reader,
	int rolloverCount


Type: System.IOTextReader
The reader from which to read the almanac.
Type: SystemInt32
The number of times the GPS week counter had rolled over when this almanac was created. See below for more information.

Return Value

Type: SemAlmanac
The almanac read from the stream.
ArgumentNullException Thrown when reader is .
InvalidDataException Thrown when the SEM almanac data has an invalid format.

The following list represents the rollover dates for the GPS week parameter. On or after the date listed below, you will need to use the specified rollover count.

DateRollover Count
January 6, 19800
August 22, 19991
April 7, 20192
November 21, 20383
July 7, 20584

To compute the rollover count for a given date, construct a GlobalPositioningSystemDate and use the value of RolloverCount.

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