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IAgAsGPSSatSelectPluginEngine Interface


A user impements this interface to create a COM component that can be called during the GPS Satellite selection.

The COM component can be created using compiled code (C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc.) or using a Windows Script Component created using a script language (VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, etc.). Each function of the interface must be implemented, though functions are not required to do anything other than return an error status (either true or false). Once created, the user must register the component using regsvr32.exe. After creation and registration, the user may choose to use this plugin component during GPS Satellite selection (using the standard GUI interface).

The plugin component will be called at certain event times defined by the interface (see the members of the interface). During these calls, the component may request input values and set output values that can affect the computation. Inputs and outputs are accessed through an interface component (IAgAsGPSSatSelectPluginResultEval) . The interface component is sent to the plugin component as the lone argument to the function calls.

Public Methods

Public Method Evaluate Triggered whenever the GPS satellite selection is determined . Use the input interface to access settings. Returning false will turn this callback off.
Public Method Free Triggered just before the plugin is freed from use to allow for any additional cleanup.
Public Method Init Triggered when the plugin is initialized to allow for any additional needed initialization. Must return true to turn on use of plugin.
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