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AgEAsDensityModelErrorCodes Enumeration
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Enumeration of AgAsDensityModelPlugin General Error Codes


Member Value Description
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_FAILURE -2147221247 DensityModel Plugin: An internal failure occurred.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_NOT_CONFIGURED -2147221246 DensityModel Plugin: Not configured properly.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_SETDENSITY_FAILURE -2147221245 DensityModel Plugin: Cannot set density.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_SETTEMPERATURE_FAILURE -2147221244 DensityModel Plugin: Cannot set temperature.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_SETPRESSURE_FAILURE -2147221243 DensityModel Plugin: Cannot set pressure.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_PARAMETER_INDEXOUTOFRANGE -2147221242 DensityModel Plugin: The index number for the parameter is out of range.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_INPUT_NOT_REAL -2147221241 DensityModel Plugin: Input value is not a real number. Check for divide by zero.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_NOT_USING_FLUX_FILE -2147221240 DensityModel Plugin: Not using a flux file.
E_DENSITYMODEL_PLUGIN_NULL_DATA -2147221239 DensityModel Plugin: Data file or some indicies null.
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