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AgEAsHpopPluginErrorCodes Enumeration
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Error codes associated with the use of HPOP plugin interface components.


Member Value Description
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_INTERNAL_FAILURE -2147221247 Hpop Plugin: An internal failure occurred.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_NOT_CONFIGURED -2147221246 Hpop Plugin: Not configured properly.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_SRP_IS_OFF -2147221245 Hpop Plugin: SRP is turned off.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_DRAG_IS_OFF -2147221244 Hpop Plugin: Drag is turned off.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_GRAVFIELD_UNDEFINED -2147221243 Hpop Plugin: Gravity field is undefined.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_FRCMDL_TYPE_NOT_FOUND -2147221242 Hpop Plugin: Force Model Type was not found.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_INVALID_SQR -2147221241 Hpop Plugin: The Square Root of an invalid value occurred.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_TEMPERATURE_UNAVAILABLE -2147221240 Hpop Plugin: Density model does not provide temperature.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_PRESSURE_UNAVAILABLE -2147221239 Hpop Plugin: Density model does not provide pressure.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_INVALID_ACCELERATION_TYPE -2147221238 Hpop Plugin: The acceleration type provided as input was invalid. Valid values range from 0 to 10.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_RADPRESSURE_IS_OFF -2147221237 Hpop Plugin: Both albedo and thermal radiation pressure accelerations are off.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_NO_FUEL -2147221236 Hpop Plugin: Fuel mass is not available in HPOP.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_NOT_USING_FLUX_FILE -2147221235 Hpop Plugin: Not using a flux file.
E_HPOP_PLUGIN_SET_TOTAL_MASS_INVALID -2147221234 Hpop Plugin: Can't set total mass in Astrogator. Set dry mass or fuel mass.
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