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AgEUtTimeScale Enumeration
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Enumeration of time scales of UTC, TAI, TDT, UT1, STKEpochSec, TDB, GPS


Member Value Description
eUtTimeScaleUTC 0 UTC time scale (civil time, Greenwich meridian).
eUtTimeScaleTAI 1 TAI time scale (atomic time).
eUtTimeScaleTDT 2 TDT time scale (terrestial dynamical time).
eUtTimeScaleUT1 3 UT1 time scale (universal time, corrected for polar motion. Related to the mean diurnal motion of the Sun.).
eUtTimeScaleSTKEpochSec 4 Seconds past the scenario reference epoch.
eUtTimeScaleTDB 5 TDB time scale (barycentric dynamical time).
eUtTimeScaleGPS 6 GPS time scale (seconds past 06 Jan 1980 00:00:00 UTC).
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