Scripting in ODTK

Follow the links below for help on using the ODTK attribute hierarchy in user-created scripts to automate a variety of orbit determination tasks:

ODTK 6 Scripting Transition Guide

A description of changes in scripting access to a number of object attributes during the development of ODTK 6.

ODTK Scripting Guide

A guide to scripting in ODTK, including information on the attribute system, the scripting tool, and the Static Product Builder. The guide includes examples in VBScript, Perl, Python, and Matlab.

Getting Attribute Information

Quickly retrieve information on the value, path and other properties of an attribute with a mouse click or a couple of keystrokes.

Functional Attributes Used in Scripting
A guide to working with attributes, including information on attribute paths and some sample scripts.

ODTK 6.5