Getting Attribute Information

To quickly retrieve information on an attribute for use in scripting and elsewhere, simply select the attribute of interest in the Object Properties window and right-click the mouse to display a context menu with several options:

The Copy Value option places a copy of the value of the attribute - BodyAlignmentVec in the above example - on the clipboard. The Copy Attribute Path option places a copy of the attribute's scriptable path on the clipboard. In the above example, this is:


The Attribute Information option displays a dialog with several kinds of information about the attribute, including two versions of path information, one of which is the scriptable path that is also retrieved when you select the Copy Attribute Path option:

Note: You can also display this dialog by pressing the Alt and Enter keys.

These attribute information retrieval options are available not only in the Object Properties window but also, where appropriate, in dialogs that display when you click certain attributes, such as the LS Stages List, shown in the following example:

ODTK 6.5