Optional Solve-For Parameters

Nominally the inclusion of specific parameters in the estimation state is controlled through the settings on the object with which the state is associated. Estimation of certain states, however, can be specified or overridden using these filter settings.

Optional Solve-For Parameters
Parameter Description
MeasBiases Used to turn the estimation of all measurement biases on and off at the filter level. Each measurement bias will be estimated only if the EstimateBias flag for the tracker's measurement statistic (e.g., COOK-A.MeasurementStatistics(0).Type.EstimateBias) is set to true and the MeasBiases flag on the filter is set to true. If the measurement statistic flag is set to false, setting the filter flag to true will not result in the estimation of that bias.
UseMeasBiasFile When set to true, time dependent measurement biases may be input via a file (specified using MeasBiasCorrectionFilename setting). The specified file may contain bias histories for some or all of the measurement biases being estimated. A typical use of this capability would be to estimate time dependent measurement biases using a set of highly tracked space objects. These bias histories may then be used during the orbit determination of space objects with less tracking to enable improved OD solutions. If an estimated measurement bias is not included in the file, the nominal constant value specified in the measurement statistics of the tracker object is used. If estimation times fall outside the span of the data contained in the file, the bias value at the appropriate end condition is used. For example, if the estimation time is later than the time span of the file, the last bias value from the file is used.
MeasBiasCorrectionType Specify the type of bias information provided in the file where options are CompleteConstantBias or CorrectionToConstantBias. If CompleteConstantBias is specified, the deterministic bias used in measurement modeling is value from the file. If CorrectionToConstantBias is specified, the value from the file is added to the ConstantBias as defined in the MeasurementStatistics of the relevant tracking object.
MeasBiasCorrectionFilename Specify the name of a file containing a time dependent measurement bias history when UseMeasBiasFile is set to true. The format of the input file corresponds to that produced by the ODTK.ExtractStateHistory functional attribute. There are two HTML utilities (MeasBiasDumperTool.htm and StateFileDumperTool.htm) which produce files with the correct format by extracting data from input run files (.simrun, .filrun, .smtrun).
GlobalAtmosphericDensityEstimation Controls for estimating corrections in selected atmospheric density model parameters.

ODTK 6.5