With a satellite highlighted in the Object Browser, click the button or select Retroreflector from the Object Catalog to attach a Retroreflector to the satellite. The following properties can be specified for a Retroreflector:

Retroreflector Properties
Property Description
RetroreflectorID An integer identifying the ID of the retro reflector. When the measurements tag the retro reflector used then this ID should match the retro reflector tracking ID.
EstimateDelay A correction to the constant Retroreflector delay will be estimated by the filter if set to true and two-way ranging measurements are processed. Also controls whether retroreflector delay can be varied by the Simulator.

Select TimeUnits or DistanceUnits and then set the BiasModel. Choices for the BiasModel include:

  • GaussMarkov = Delay will be modeled as a scalar exponential Gauss Markov sequence
  • RandomWalk = Delay will be modeled using a Wiener (Brownian motion) sequence
  • Vasicek = Delay will be modeled using a Vasicek stochastic sequence. This is a two-parameter model that solves for both a short-term and long-term bias.
  • Reference the Stochastic Model section for the description and inputs associated with each model.

PhaseCenterLocation Offset of the Retroreflector phase center from the satellite's center of gravity in the satellite's body frame. Specify the X, Y and Z coordinates in the selected distance unit.

ODTK 6.5