Ionosphere Model

The ionosphere model is applied to space based tracking where one satellite produces measurements of another satellite. To use the IonosphereModel attribute for a satellite, set its Enabled property to true and make the following selections:

Ionosphere Model Options
Option Description
Model Select the desired version of the IRI model; currently only IRI2007 is available.
TransmitFreq The frequency of the signal transmitted by a ground station (uplink) and received by the satellite. This frequency may be changed by the satellite's transponder before being retransmitted.
ReceiveFreq The frequency of the signal transmitted by the satellite (downlink) and received by a ground station. As the result of a frequency change carried out by the satellite's transponder, this frequency may differ from that at which the original signal was received from the uplinking ground station.

NOTE: The magnitude of the ionosphere range delay is inversely proportional to the square of the frequency. Thus, a higher frequency yields a lower ionospheric delay.

ODTK 6.5