Orbit Estimation Options

Select one of the following values for the EstimateOrbit property:

Orbit Estimation Options
Option Description
true The six element orbit state is added to the overall estimation state for filter and simulator processes using this satellite. State elements for the estimation of atmospheric density and solar pressure coefficient corrections for this satellite will be added if required by the force modeling.
false An EphemerisSource attribute appears, providing the following options:
  • Reference Trajectory - to be used as a tracker platform in the simulator or filter.

  • Meas File Embedded Trajectory - based on position data embedded in the tracking data.

Note: When using the Meas File Embedded Trajectory option, ODTK cannot model light time delay for SBRange measurements. Any measurements that include the tracker trajectory need to be corrected for light time delay beforehand, or the measurement noise increased to account for LTD values.

ODTK 6.5