Plugin Models: Atmospheric Density, Drag Model, and Solar Pressure Reflection Models

Singular plugin points are provided for the customization of the computation of the atmospheric density, air drag force, and solar pressure force used in the propagation of the satellite trajectory.

This is a fixed list. Each row contains data for one of the "N" Drag Model or Solar Pressure Reflection Plugin Model parameters.

These sub-attributes are hidden unless the Satellite().ForceModel.Drag.AtmDensityModel attribute is set to "DensityPlugin," the Satellite().ForceModel.DragModel attribute is set to "DragModelPlugin" or the Satellite().ForceModel.SolarPressure.SRPModel attribute is set to "ReflectionPlugin." There is an independent set of options for each plugin point.

Plugin Model Options
Option Description
PluginID Select the desired plugin from the dropdown list. The plugin must be registered to appear in the list. See the plugin registration section for instructions on registering the plugin.
PluginConfig Configuration parameters for the selected plugin. These attributes are hidden until the PluginID is selected.
PluginParameters A list of settings for the parameters used in the model which may be estimated. This list of parameters is supplied by the plugin. See the list attributes in the table below. Currently not available for atmospheric density plugin models.

NOTE: Estimated parameters associated with plugin atmospheric density models are exposed through the Global Atmospheric Density Estimation setting of the Simulator, Filter, and Smoother.

Plugin Parameters

This is a fixed list. Each row contains data for one of the "N" Solar Pressure Reflection Plugin Model parameters. The parameter can optionally be designated as a state parameter, where all estimated plugin parameters are modeled as a Gauss Markov parameter. Included are:

Plugin Parameters
Attribute Description
Name Parameter name used in reporting. The name is defined within the plugin itself. The parameter can be accessed in the scripting interface by referring to it as Drag.<Name> or SolarPressure.<Name>.
Nominal "Nominal" parameter value.
EstimateParameter True if parameter is to be estimated.
InitialEstimate Initial state estimate of the bias from the Nominal.
Halflife State estimate bias error half life in time units.
Sigma Uncertainty in the Nominal bias.
StateScaling Used by ODTK for covariance normalization, i.e. to scale the values of a parameter's estimate and covariance so that that the "nominal" variance kept in the covariance matrix when doing the matrix operations is "near" unity to help in numerical precision.
TransitionPert A numerical perturbation epsilon used in the numerical computation of the state transition partials. This control is used when the OrbitErrorTransitionMethod is set to Numerical.

See ODTK Plugins for further information.

ODTK 6.5