Central Body List

The central body list provides the means for configuration of non-Earth central bodies. Entries in the list have 4 fields. The CentralBodyList table allows selection of various gravity files and ground reflection models for ODTK's list of central bodies other than Earth. The name of the gravity file contains the degree and order of the gravity field specified therein, eg "LP75D.grv" contains a 75x75 model for the lunar gravitational field.

Central Body List
Field Description
Name A read only name containing the name of the central body. ODTK is currently limited to using only the Moon and the Sun in addition to the Earth.
GravityModel Select a gravity field definition for the central body.
EclipsingAtmosAlt Used for solar radiation pressure modeling. The height of the atmosphere on this central body that contributes to blocking the Sun for the purpose of shadowing computations.
GroundReflectionModel A text file containing model parameters for central body albedo (reflectivity) and thermal re-radiation (emissivity).

Note: Attempts to add gravity fields for other bodies will produce an error message.

ODTK 6.5