This attribute is a link to a file which defines which tracking strands can be created within a scenario which has many facility objects and is configured to simulate or process GroundTDOA or GroundFDOA measurements. The purpose of this file is to limit the perturbations of possible tracking strands which would otherwise be automatically generated by ODTK. If there are dozens of facilities in a scenario which are configured with GroundTDOA or GroundFDOA measurement statistics, the calculation of all possible permutation of tracking strands can cause slowness when opening object properties or closing the scenario. Having this file specify which strands may be formed will, in such cases, greatly increase program response times. If the contents of the file are edited while the scenario is open, you can use the following functional attribute to reload the file: ReloadFacilityAssociationsFile.

The format of the file is:

# Comments
Which will result in the available tracking strands:
"* - <TS2>.Secondary_Facility_Name1 - <TS1>.Primary_Facility_Name1"
"* - <TS3>.Secondary_Facility_Name2 - <TS1>.Primary_Facility_Name1"
where <TS1>, <TS2>, and <TS3> are the names of the parent tracking strand for each of the facilities.

Sample file: FacilityAssociations.txt

ODTK 6.5