Override Run Name

The OverrideRunName attribute enables you to control the name of the <name>.filrun, <name>.simrun, <name>.smtrun, etc. output files.

OverrideRunName Options
Option Description
true Enter a value for the NewRunFilename attribute in the textbox that appears. Each run file will be named <NewRunFilename>.<ext>
false Each run file will be given the name specified in its DataArchive.FileName attribute. The default name for DataArchive.Filename is <ScenarioName>.<ext> where <ext> is filrun, simrun, smtrun, etc.

NOTE: Avoid illegal characters (such as decimals or slashes) in the file name, but blank spaces can be used. If the file name contains illegal characters, OD Toolkit will ignore your attempt to enter it, and the green checkmark that normally accompanies an attribute change will not appear.

ODTK 6.5