The Simulator

The simulator is represented in the Browser and in the ODTK toolbar by the icon. Click this icon in the Browser to expose the following simulator properties:

Simulator Properties
Property Description
SatelliteList Specify a list of satellites for the simulator.
TrackingStrandList Specify a list of tracking strands for the simulator.
EmitterList Optionally specify an emitter list for the simulator.
MeasTypes A list of specific measurement types (Range, Azimuth, etc.) to be used in measurement processing. An empty list is equivalent to including all measurement types.
Process Control Set options related to start/restart, stop times, etc.
Restart Configure restart behavior for the simulator.
CustomTrackingIntervals Allows you to define inclusion and exclusion intervals and vary time step by facility and/or satellite.
ErrorModeling Allows you to specify which of several available deviations are applied, as well as process noise.
ErrorScaling Allows you to apply scaling factors to deviated attributes.
ForceSequencePositive Allows you to steer the simulated stochastic sequences for some state parameters so as to keep the "total estimate" for that parameter positive.
UpdateFilterTimes Set to true to automatically set the filter time period to that of the simulated measurements.
Output Lets you specify type and destination of simulator output.
Event Controls Lets you apply scripts upon certain events.

You can also use the Simulation Wizard to set up the simulator.

ODTK 6.5