Tracking Instrument

The Tracking Instrument object, represented by the icon () in the Browser and ODTK Toolbar, is used to represent devices on-board a spacecraft which are capable of generating tracking measurements of its parent satellite or other objects. Multiple TrackingInstruments can be attached to a single ODTK Satellite object allowing for the separation of measurement statistics by the type of instrument being modeled or for the definition of multiple versions of the same measurement type. For example, a spacecraft may have two optical telescopes which both report right ascension and declination measurements but at differing levels of precision. If only a single TrackingInstrument object is used, it can share the tracking ID of the parent satellite object.

The TrackingInstrument is selected at the Satellite object level.

For each TrackingInsturment under the Satellite object, the following properties can be accessed and, if desired, changed using the Object Properties window:

Follow the links below for help on setting up the TrackingInstrument object:

ODTK 6.5