Graph Viewing Options

The ODTK graphing interface provides a variety of options for enhancing and supplementing a static graph. These options are represented by toolbar buttons or by items in a popup menu that appears when you right-click the mouse over the graph. Some of the more important options are listed below.

In the Inputs window of the Static Product Builder use the data limiting fields to reduce the amount of information that is graphed. Hover over any point in the graph to see the actual value in the title bar. The cursor will change to a hand when over a point. Note that many of the sigma boundaries do not plot individual points but use lines instead. The cursor can still show the individual values of these lines.

Graph Output Options
Button Name Description
Zoom Draw a rectangle around an area of interest to enlarge the selected section of the graph. This is the default mode for the cursor.
Undo Zoom Undo a previous zoom. Note that the Undo Zoom on the right click menu will undo all previous zoom operations.
Edit Edit If the data is from the Pre Fit Residual or Residual Ratio field of the MeasurementHistory table the user may select the data and remove it from the next calculation. See Graphical Editing of Residuals for more information. This mode allows the user to lasso or drag select a number of points for editing.
  Show Annotations Toggle the showing of annotations. ODTK uses annotations to display the event lines and the squares on 'edited' points.
  Show Table Annotations Toggle the showing of table annotations. ODTK uses table annotations to show the "Annotations" from the Independent Variable page of the Graph Designer and the time of the first data point.
  Customization Dialog... Bring up the Customization Dialog to change muliple attributes of the graph at one time. Tabbed dialog windows include General, Plot, Subsets, Axis, Font, Color, and Style.
  Zoom Window Toggle to display or hide scrool bars at the bottom and side of the graph that allow the user to move up and down and foreward and backward within the graph while maintaining the current zoom level.

ODTK 6.5