The Report Designer

You can access the Report Designer from the Static Product Builder in either of the following ways:

  1. You can access it by selecting a report style in the Product Styles list and clicking the Edit... button. The Crystal Reports editing interface then appears.

  2. You can access it by clicking the Add Report button, completing the Table Selection process for a new report, and then clicking the Edit... button to display the Crystal Reports editing interface.

The following buttons appear at the top of the Report Designer window:

Report Designer Options
Option Description
New Report Displays a Table Selection window that lets you select one or more available tables for the construction of a new report. When you click OK, the editing interface appears.
Open Report Displays a dialog in which you can enter or browse for an existing report to edit. When the report file is loaded, the editing interface appears.
Save Report Save the current report, including any edits you have made.
Save As... Display a dialog that lets you specify the file name and location to which to save the current report.
Preview/Design Toggle to Preview mode to see what the report will look like, given the design decisions you have made thus far. Toggle back to Design to continue editing.

NOTE: When you save a report, make certain that it is saved to the directory where the Static Product Builder looks for product styles, to that you can access the report from the Static Product Builder later, if desired. Alternatively, you can set the File Find options to have the Static Product Builder look in the directory of your choice.

NOTE: Only four Crystal Report styles can be open for edit simultaneously.

See Crystal Reports Help for information on using the editing interface.

ODTK 6.5