Using a LaunchPad File Browser | Suppressing, Restoring and Altering Folder Display | Adding Summaries and Thumbnails | Changing the Size and Position of LaunchPad

ODTK LaunchPad

ODTK LaunchPad is an intuitive interface for organizing and accessing information and files in the ODTK environment. LaunchPad is automatically displayed upon initial startup of ODTK. It contains the following features to enhance your use of ODTK:

To prevent ODTK LaunchPad from displaying automatically at ODTK startup:

  1. Select Options from the Tools menu.
  2. Go to the Workbooks tab and clear the Show LaunchPad on Startup checkbox.

Using a LaunchPad File Browser

To view details of a scenario or utility, click the file name. The size, the path, and a description (if available) are displayed. In the case of a scenario, the description is drawn from the scenario's Description attribute. In addition, if available, an HTML file describing the scenario and/or or an image thumbnail may appear (see below for information on adding these items).

To open a file, double-click the file name, or select the file name and click . You can open:

To download a scenario or utility, select it from the AGI Downloads folder and click . To download and open the selected scenario or utility, click .

To add a custom folder, click . The Map Folder dialog box is displayed. Browse to the desired folder, and click Map Folder.

To edit a folder mapping, click .

To delete a folder mapping, click .

Suppressing, Restoring and Altering the Display of Folders

Click to remove or restore one or more of the following default folders from the Scenarios or Utilities tab:

Note the following:

When you are done making your changes, click Submit.

To restore the folders and their default display order, click Reset.

Adding Information and Images to Scenarios

Information and images can be added to the data that displays when you select a scenario in the Scenario tab. You can also add images to the data displayed for a utility in the Utility tab.

To add an HTML file to the data for a scenario, simply create the HTML file and save it in the same folder as the scenario (*.sco) file under the name: <scenario name>.htm. A link to the file will then appear in the scenario's data, preceded by the caption 'Summary'.

NOTE: The HTML file must have the extension .htm and not .html for this to work.

To add an image thumbnail to the data for a scenario or utility, create the image and save it in the same folder as the scenario (*.sco) or utility file under the name <scenario or utility name>.<image extension>. The thumbnail will then appear in the data for the scenario or utility, preceded by the caption 'Image'.

You can add HTML summaries and image thumbnails to any scenario file, whether it is user-created, installed with ODTK or downloaded from AGI. Similarly, you can add image thumbnails to any utility file.

Changing the Size and Position of LaunchPad

If you change the size and position of the LaunchPad window, your changes will be saved at the application level when you exit ODTK.

ODTK 6.5