File Menu

The ODTK File menu includes the following items, among others:

File Menu
Item Description
New... Create a new OD Scenario.
Open... Open an existing OD Scenario.
Close Close the current OD Scenario.
Save Save the current Scenario to its present path and filename.
Save As... Save the current Scenario to a specified path and file name. This item displays a file selection window in which you can enter or browse for the desired path and filename.
Set as Default For the object selected in the Object Browser (including the scenario object), sets its properties as default properties for newly created objects of the same class.
Import Import a previously saved object and attach it to the object selected in the Browser. This option is not available if the object selected in the Browser is not capable of having subobjects.
Export Export the object currently selected in the Browser to a specified path and filename. If the selected object has subobjects, you are given the option of exporting the object alone or with the subobjects.
Print Print the currently selected section of the workspace to the selected printing device.
(previously saved scenarios) Scenarios you have most recently saved appear in this area of the File menu. To open one of these scenarios, click on its name.
Exit Exit ODTK.

NOTE: File menu items not included in the above table, to the extent they are implemented in the current version of ODTK, operate as in other Windows applications.

Recently created or loaded Scenario files are listed toward the bottom of the File menu. To load one of these, simply click on its name.

ODTK 6.5