Help Menu

The ODTK Help menu includes the following items:

Help Menu
Item Description
ODTK Help Launches the ODTK Help system, displayed in the Microsoft HTML Help Viewer. Context sensitive help for OD object properties is also available. In the Object Properties window for any object, simply highlight the property of interest and press the F1 key.
LaunchPad Launches the LaunchPad, an intuitive interface for organizing and accessing information and files in the ODTK environment. The LaunchPad is displayed automatically on startup of ODTK unless you disable automatic display in the Workbook settings.
AGI's Web Site Launches the HTML Viewer with the website of Analytical Graphics, Inc. ( displayed.
License Viewer... Click here for license information and related technical data.
About ODTK... Displays technical and legal information about components of ODTK. Click the System Info... button to retrieve important information about your computer.

NOTE: Help menu items not included in the above table, to the extent they are implemented in the current version of ODTK, operate as in other Windows applications.

ODTK 6.5