Tools Menu

The ODTK Tools menu includes the following items, among others:

Tools Menu
Item Description
Simulation Wizard Launches the Simulation Wizard.
External Tools... Displays the Customize Tools Menu window (below).

NOTE: Tools menu items not included in the above table, to the extent they are implemented in the current version of ODTK, operate as in other Windows applications.

External Tools Menu

Select Tools -> External Tools... to display the Customize Tools Menu window. This window lets you set up Tools menu items to launch external programs, such as Microsoft Excel. To add a tool to the Menu, click the Add button and enter a name for the menu item to launch the tool. In the Command field, enter or browse for the program you want to be launched when you invoke the new menu item. You can also specify Arguments (e.g. files to be opened in the new tool) and an Initial Directory. Additional buttons let you re-order tools within the list or remove them from the list.

ODTK 6.5