View Menu

The ODTK View menu includes the following items, among others:

View Menu
Item Description
Toolbars Displays a pull-right menu that lets you toggle between displaying and hiding various toolbars. You can also customize existing toolbars and create new ones (see below).
Status Bar Toggle the Status Bar off and on by checking or unchecking the box preceding this item.
Full Screen Select this option to display the Workspace -- without menus, toolbars or status bar -- over the entire screen. To restore the screen to the standard view, click on the small box provided for this purpose or simply press the Esc key.
Window display options Use these menu items to launch:
  1. Object Properties

  2. Message Viewer

  3. HTML Viewer

  4. Static Product Builder

  5. Dynamic Product Selector

  6. Object Browser

NOTE: View menu items not included in the above table, to the extent they are implemented in the current version of ODTK, operate as in other Windows applications.

Customizing and Creating Toolbars

Select View -> Toolbars -> Customize... to launch the Customize window. All currently displayed toolbar icons and menus are activated, and you can rearrange them by normal drag and drop procedures.

TIP: To copy a button or menu from one bar to another, press the CTRL key as you drag it. If you do not press CTRL, the button will move without leaving behind a copy.

In the Toolbars tab of the Customize window, the Toolbars list lets you toggle the display of each bar on or off. Three checkboxes -- Show Tooltips, Cool Look and Large Buttons -- give you control over the appearance of toolbar buttons and the display of brief text segments describing their purpose. The Reset button undoes changes you have made to the bar selected in the Toolbars list.

NOTE: To undo a change involving multiple bars -- e.g. if you moved a button or menu from one bar to another -- you must select each affected bar in succession and click Reset.

To create a new toolbar, click New... and enter a name in the window that appears. A new, blank bar will appear. Move or copy menus and buttons from other bars to the new one. You can also copy menus to the new toolbar from the Command tab of the Customize window. Drag the new bar to the desired position.

NOTE: In the current version, new and customized toolbars cannot be saved.

ODTK 6.5