The Message Viewer

The Message Viewer window appears as a docked window on the bottom of the Workspace when you start ODTK with default settings. Its purpose is to display informational, warning and error messages generated by ODTK as you create objects, set their properties and run them.

Depending on selections you have made in the Options window, some or all of the following headings appear in the Message Viewer:

Message Viewer Columns
Column Description
Message The text of the message.
Type Information, Error or Warning. You can limit the display to one of these types, if desired, with the tabs at the bottom of the message window.
Date/Time The current date and time. If process time (e.g. from a tracking data file during a run) is shown, it appears in the Message column.
Error Code An internal code used in identifying errors.
Filename The path and filename of program source code related to the message. It may be helpful to cite this when providing feedback or seeking assistance.
Line # The line number of the source code file (see above) related to the message.
Id An internal designation, not currently used.

To create a new Message Viewer, select Message Viewer from the View menu.

ODTK 6.5