AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure Namespace

Provides types that support the core aspects for the API.
  Class Description
Public class AgentSnapshot
Represents the state of an agent.
Public class DefaultTaskEnvironment
Default task environment used in a job.
Public class HardDiskStatus
Represents hard disk information.
Public class HostRecycleSettings
Strategies for determining when host processes get recycled.
Public class InfrastructureException
The exception that is thrown when an infrastructure error occurs.
Public class NetworkStatus
Represents network information.
Public class NewMessageEventArgs
Event arguments containing new message.
Public class NonSerializableObject
Represents a message which couldn't be serialized.
Public class ProgressEventArgs
Provides data for the ProgressUpdated event.
Public class StatusChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the StatusChanged event.
Public classCode example Task
Represents an individual task in the system. The task provides the function to run remotely.
Public classCode example TaskEnvironment
Represents the task environment in the system. The task environment provides common methods to run before and after Task is run.
Public class TaskPrecondition
Represents a resource constraint that should be satisfied by the agent to run a task.
Public class TaskProgressInformation
Represents Task reported progress.
Public class TaskProperties
A collection of common constants in Properties.
Public class VersionInfo
Version information.
  Interface Description
Public interface IJob
Represents a group of tasks in the system.
Public interface IJobSchedulerContext
Allows interaction with the job scheduler.
Public interface IMessageEndpoint
Represents a client of the messaging system.
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AgentSelectionType
Indicates algorithm used to decide which agent should be selected for a task.
Public enumeration AuthorizationType
Specifies the type of authorization that the user is granted.
Public enumeration CommonResources
Common resource values.
Public enumeration CpuArchitecture
Specifies the target CPU type of the host process.
Public enumeration DebuggerType
Specifies the type of the debugger used by the host process to attach to Visual Studio.
Public enumeration Operator
Indicates the operation code used to compare resources.
Public enumeration TaskCancellationReason
Indicates the reason for the task cancellation.
Public enumeration TaskStatus
Indicates the status of a task.

STK Scalability 1.4 API for .NET