Gets or sets the maximum number of times a task will be retried if it is interrupted.
Namespace: AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure
Assembly: AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure (in AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure.dll) Version: (


short MaxTaskInterruptedRetryAttempts { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Property MaxTaskInterruptedRetryAttempts As Short

Field Value

The maximum retry count.


A system error, such as a host process exiting abnormally or an agent disconnecting from the coordinator while the agent "owns" a task, may occur during the execution of a task. Normally, these errors are recoverable; if the task was retried again the task may succeed. As such, the system will try to reassign the task for execution for as many times as MaxTaskInterruptedRetryAttempts is specified. Setting the maximum task interrupted retry attempts to 0 means that the task will never be retried if there is a system exception while executing the task.


Exception Condition
System..::..ArgumentOutOfRangeException Value must be equal or greater than 0

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