TaskEnvironment Properties

The TaskEnvironment type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AdditionalId
Gets or sets the optional additional id of the environment. Environment can be reused if Environment IDs are identical.
Public propertyCode example AttachToDebugger
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to automatically attach the host processes to the debugger running the client submission code.
Public propertyCode example DebuggerType
Gets or sets the type of the debugger used by the host process to attach itself to Visual Studio.
Public property HostArchitecture
Gets or sets the desired CPU Architecture of the host that executes the task.
Public property Id
Gets or sets the id of the environment. Environment can be reused if the environment IDs are identical.
Public property Name
Gets or sets the display name of the task environment.
Public property Properties
Gets task environment properties.
Public property RecycleSettings
Gets or sets the recycling settings that determine when to shutdown the host process on which tasks run.
Public property RequiredLicense
Gets or sets the required license associated with this environment.
Public property TasksPerHost Obsolete.
Gets or sets the number of tasks this environment will execute before shutting down.
Public property TeardownTimeout
Gets or sets the amount of time teardown can run for before it is timed-out in milliseconds.
Public property ThreadApartmentState
Gets or sets the apartment state of the thread that will be used to set the task environment and execute the tasks. The default is to use STA (i.e. ApartmentState.STA).
Public propertyCode example WorkingDirectory
Gets or sets the custom working directory of the task environment.
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