CommonResources Enumeration

Common resource values.
Namespace:  AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure
Assembly:  AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure (in AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure.dll) Version: (
public enum CommonResources
  Member name Value Description
Hostname 0 Hostname of the agent.
AvailableCores 1 Number of available cores.
AvailableMemory 2 Available memory. The unit will be in bytes.
AvailableHardDisk 3 Available hard disk space. The unit will be in bytes.
CurrentWorkload 4 Number of tasks currently being run on the agent.
TotalCores 5 Number of CPUs available on the agent.
Is64BitProcess 6 Whether agent can run a true 64-bit process.
Version 7 The version the agent is running. The version string will be of the format {majorVersion}.{minorVersion}
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