TaskStatus Enumeration

Indicates the status of a task.
Namespace:  AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure
Assembly:  AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure (in AGI.Parallel.Infrastructure.dll) Version: (
public enum TaskStatus
  Member name Value Description
NotSubmitted 0 Task is not submitted yet.
Submitted 1 Task is submitted but not assigned yet.
Assigned 2 Task is assigned but not run yet.
Running 3 Task is currently running.
Canceling 4 Task is in the process of canceling.
Interrupted 5 Task encountered a system exception. Examples of system exceptions are if the agent disconnects or the host process exits unexpectedly.
Canceled 6 Task is canceled.
EnvironmentError 7 Task failed to run because of an uncaught exception in Setup.
Completed 8 Task completed successfully.
TimedOut 9 Task timed-out because it ran longer than the task timeout value.
Failed 10 Task failed because of an uncaught exception while running the task.
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