STK Scalability 1.2

  • New Features
    • New options to control the lifetime of host processes have been added. Hosts are recyclable after any one of a variety of time, memory, or job-based conditions have been satisfied. The Agent Tray Application has a new Host Recycling panel to set values for these options. The values set in the Agent Tray Application UI will be overridden if a submitted job's TaskEnvironment's RecycleSettings have been set programmatically.
  • Improvements
    • Reduced the amount of logging the external capability checkers generated in the agent log.
    • Improved capture of task standard output.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bg where running parallel coverage with tirem could cause a host to hang in rare conditions.

STK Scalability 1.1

  • The product formerly known as STK Server has been renamed to STK Scalability Extension.
  • New Features
  • Improvements
    • Added a new throttling capability to the coordinator to better manage its memory usage when running jobs with high memory requirements.
    • Improved memory management when executing tasks with large payloads/results.
    • The detection of unresponsive elements in the system and their associated heartbeat messages used to rely on the local machine time and could therefore be wrongfully triggered if the local machine time was modified (e.g. manually or due to daylight savings). This logic has been reworked to no longer depend on the local machine time and is thus now immune to local machine time modifications.
    • Any non-default configuration value is now logged.
    • Added caching for the byte arrays used during message serialization to improve performance. The use of byte[] has been replaced by ChunkedByteArray in some functions and properties, e.g., NonSerializableObject..::..Payload.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a race condition that could result in the agent service crashing if a host repeatedly failed after finishing a task.
    • Fixed the documentation on the expected behavior when Job..::..RaiseEventsUsingSynchronizationContext is true.
    • In some cases, IJobSchedulerContext..::..ReserveResource would return an exception without waiting for the resouces to be available. This has been fixed and IJobSchedulerContext..::..ReserveResource will now block until the requested resources become available or the specified timeout expires.
    • Fixed spurious debug messages in the agent log relating to invalid format strings.
    • Fixed a bug where the agent service might not have retried a task when the host failed to start due to low memory conditions. In these cases the task will now be retried similarly to the other failure cases.

STK Server 1.0.2

  • New Features
    • Message passing capabilities added. Both IJobScheduler and IJobSchedulerContext inherit from IMessageEndpoint. Message passing allows tasks and clients to communicate with each other dynamically. It also offers a way to pass data to a task with a low communication overhead.
    • Added ability for a task to spawn sub-jobs. A sub job can be created by calling CreateChildJob.
    • Added ability for a task to dynamically control the resources allocated to a task. For more information see Dynamically control the resources allocated to task.
    • Added new examples that demonstrate how to use this product with other AGI Products. For more information see What's included in the Software Developer Kit.
  • Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where the host wasn't killed after a timeout that results after TaskExecutionTimeout.
    • Fixed a bug where canceling a job in the EmbeddedJobScheduler will only cancel the first job.

STK Server 1.0.1

  • New Features
    • New developer documentation and examples.
  • Improvements
    • Improved performance when submitting numerous jobs. The number of maximum concurrent jobs that can be submitted can be configured with the MaxConcurrentJobSubmissions property.
    • Improved how unserializable exceptions get handled. If a thrown exception is unserializable, an Exception object is thrown that contains the message of the original exception.
    • Added a way to wait for a task to finish canceling. You can pass true to the Cancel method and WaitUntilDone will not unblock until the task is finished canceling.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where a custom configuration specified with SetConfigurationFile was not deleted after the host shuts down.

STK Server 1.0.0

The first release of the API for .NET!