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Welcome to the STK Scalability API for Java Documentation!

This documentation explains how developers can parallelize and monitor jobs by taking advantage of the API. The purpose of the API is to make developers more productive by providing efficient use of resources of a network of machines. Deploying Java code, executing jobs in isolated processes, and returning the results back to the client are all handled automatically. Robust error handling, fine grain worker selection, multiple scheduling algorithms, cancellation support, progress reporting, system monitoring, and more are also supported. By using this API, you can maximize the performance of your code while focusing on the work that your program is designed to accomplish.

This documentation is intended for Java developers who plan to develop STK Scalability applications targeting the Java Framework. A .NET API is also available. For more information on other supported platforms, please see System Requirements.

Help System Overview

You should start at Getting Started to ensure you have a working development environment. From there, you can start learning about the API in the Programmer's Guide. Use How To and the Library Reference as reference guides when needed. Below is a brief overview of the different sections in this document, each describes an important aspect of developing with this product in depth.



Getting Started

Provides instructions on how to setup your development environment including which programs are required and which assemblies need to be referenced in your project. If you are just starting to develop with this product, this section is strongly recommended.

Bird's Eye View

See the high-level description of the entire system. Useful if you are completely new and are not familiar with terminology such as Coordinator or Agent.

Programmer's Guide

Learn about the key concepts needed to master developing applications, including a tutorial and some information about the API's internals. Also included are instructions for debugging and troubleshooting.

How To

See many "How-To" solutions that demonstrate different features. Simply copy and paste the code into your project and see for yourself how they work.

Library Reference

Complete API reference guide.

STK Scalability 1.7 API for Java