What's included in the Software Developer Kit

The following components are included in the API for Java SDK:


Jars needed to develop applications that target the Cluster Scheduler:

  • agi.parallel.client-1.4.0.jar

This API for Java documentation (this document), javadocs for the public API, and the compiled jar of all the code included in this help file.

  • JavaAPI.chm
  • agi.parallel.javadoc-1.4.0.jar
  • agi.parallel.stkscalabilitysdk-examples-1.4.0.jar
Sample Applications

The following full applications demonstrating different uses of the API are located in the Examples folder.

  • AddExample - Simple example that adds two numbers together.
  • Mandelbrot - An interactive example that renders the Mandelbrot fractal in parallel.
  • PiCalculator - Computes arbitrary large digit instances of PI.
  • PingPong - Demonstrates a simple use of message passing.
  • DichotomicSearch - Example that uses sub tasks to solve a divide and conquer algorithm.

In addition, the following are examples of how to use this product with other AGI products. These examples are located in the WorkingWithAGIProducts directory. The other AGI products must be installed and licensed separately.

  • WhereIsMySatelliteServer - Example of how to use this product with STK in a simple web service.
  • WhereIsMySatelliteClient - Various client applications that can consume the web service provided at WhereIsMySatelliteServer.
  • AirlineRouteAnalyzer - Example of how to use STK Components with this product.

See the README.txt files for instructions on how to build and run these applications. The instructions given in the README.txt document to build and run the example assume the following are available for use:

Tip Tip

For more complete samples, take a look at the How To.

What is NOT included in the SDK

The Coordinator and Agent are bundled in the Install, which is distributed separately. Make sure you have acquired the Install if you plan to develop applications targeting the cluster job scheduler.

The Embedded Job Scheduler which is included for the API for .NET is not included in the Java API.

STK Scalability 1.4 API for Java