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AgPickInfoData Object


Single mouse pick result.

Public Properties

Public Property Alt Altitude of point clicked (if available).
Public Property IsLatLonAltValid Indicate if the Lat/Lon/Alt properties are valid.
Public Property IsObjPathValid Indicate if the ObjPath property is valid.
Public Property Lat Latitude of point clicked (if available).
Public Property Lon Longitude of point clicked (if available).
Public Property ObjPath Path of the STK object picked if any (or empty string).


This object is not creatable. It is used as the return value from the Map PickInfo and Globe PickInfo methods.

Note: The PickInfo() method caches its return value (for better performance). If you make multiple calls to that method, you need to extract the results from the AgPickInfoData object before making the next call, e.g.

Dim point1 As AgPickInfoData
Dim point2 As AgPickInfoData
point1 = Me.m_StkxGlobe.PickInfo(x1, y1)
point2 = Me.m_StkxGlobe.PickInfo(x2, y2)

At this juncture point1 and point2 both reference the same object and share the same values. To avoid this, extract the values from the result before making the second call, i.e.

Dim point As AgPickInfoData
point = Me.m_StkxGlobe.PickInfo(x1, y1)
lat1 = point.Lat
lon1 = point.Lon
point = Me.m_StkxGlobe.PickInfo(x2, y2)
lat2 = point.Lat
lon3 = point.Lon

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