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AgSTKXApplication Object


STK X Application object.

Object Model

Public Methods

Public Method ExecuteCommand Send a connect command to STK X.
Public Method ExecuteMultipleCommands Allows the batch processing of multiple connect commands.

HRESULT ExecuteMultipleCommands(
[in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT)* ConnectCommands,
[in] enum AgEExecMultiCmdResultAction eAction,
[out, retval] IAgExecMultiCmdResult** ppResult);

Public Method GetLicensingReport Returns a formatted string that contains the license names and their states. The string is formatted as an XML document.
Public Method GetOnlineOptions Retrieves http proxy online options.
Public Method IsFeatureAvailable Returns true if the specified feature is available.
Public Method SetOnlineOptions Sets http proxy online options.
Public Method Terminate Terminates the use of STK Engine. This must be the last call to STK Engine.

Public Properties

Public Property ConnectMaxConnections Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous Connect connections to be accepted by STK X. The maximum number of connections is constrained by the Integration Module license.
Public Property ConnectPort Specify TCP/IP port to be used by Connect (default: 5001).
Public Property EnableConnect Enable or disable TCP/IP connect command processing (default: disabled).
Public Property HostID Returns the Host ID.
Public Property LogFileFullName Returns the full path and log file  name (empty if logging is not active).
Public Property LoggingMode Sets or retrieves the logging mode (Active, Inactive, ActiveKeepFile).
Public Property NoGraphics Start engine with or without graphics (default: engine starts with graphics.).
Public Property RegistrationID Returns the Registration ID.
Public Property VendorID The identifier of the vendor.
Public Property Version Returns the version number


Public Event OnAnimUpdate Occurs just before an animation update.
Public Event OnBeforeLoadScenario Triggered immediately before a new scenario is loaded.
Public Event OnBeforeNewScenario Triggered immediately before a new scenario is created.
Public Event OnBeginScenarioClose Triggered immediately before the current scenario is closed.
Public Event OnConControlQuitReceived Triggered when the [ConControl / QuitStk] connect command is received.
Public Event OnLogMessage Triggered when a new message is logged.
Public Event OnNewGfxAnalysisCtrlRequest Triggered when the Gfx Analysis control window for a scene is not found.
Public Event OnNewGlobeCtrlRequest Triggered when the globe control window for a scene is not found or already created.
Public Event OnNewMapCtrlRequest Triggered when the map control window for a scene is not found or already created.
Public Event OnScenarioClose Triggered when the current scenario is closed.
Public Event OnScenarioLoad Triggered when a scenario is loaded.
Public Event OnScenarioNew Triggered when a new scenario is created.
Public Event OnScenarioSave Triggered when the current scenario is saved.
Public Event OnSSLCertificateServerError Triggered when a remote Web server, in response to an HTTPS request, sends a self-signed certificate, or if the certificate misrepresents the server identify.


The STK X Application can be created as a regular component or accessed through the Map and Globe Application properties.

GUID {9C726629-023D-4405-A368-38556E4E2CAD}
ProgID STKX11.Application


The STK Objects library is also available with STK X. You can instantiate the root object and from it navigate and manipulate the STK scenario. Please see STK Objects for more  details.

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