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VendorID Property (AgUiAx2DCntrl)
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Windows & Linux


The identifier of the vendor.

Property type

Read-write property


[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property VendorID() As String

public string VendorID {get; set;}

[Managed C++]
public: __property String __gc ^ get_VendorID();
public: __property void set_VendorID(
String __gc ^

[Unmanaged C++]
public: HRESULT get_VendorID(
BSTR * pRetVal
public: HRESULT put_VendorID(
BSTR NewVendorID

public String getVendorID();public void setVendorID(


Returns the vendor identification information used for licensing.

This property must be set when using an STK Engine deployment license.

When using a deployment license with a VendorID specified, the VendorID value must be set as early as possible and before performing any work with the engine. It can be set once at runtime using the AgSTKXApplication object on a STK Engine application startup. This is the recommended method. Alternatively, it can also be set at design time through the property exposed on the various engine controls. If you are setting it on the controls at design time, it is required that this property be set on all controls.


[Visual Basic .NET] Copy Code
AxAgUiAx2DCntrl1.VendorID = "MyCompany Vendor ID"

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