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DblClick Event (AgUiAxGfxAnalysisCntrl)
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Occurs when the user presses and releases a mouse button and then presses and releases it again over the control.


[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Event DblClick()

public void DblClick();

[Managed C++]
public: void DblClick();

public  dblClick();

[Unmanaged C++]
public: HRESULT DblClick();


Typically, you attach a DblClick event procedure to the control to carry out commands and command-like actions.

Double-clicking the Map control generates MouseDown, MouseUp and Click events in addition to the DblClick event. These four events occur in this order: MouseDown, MouseUp, Click, and DblClick. When you're attaching event procedures for these related events, be sure that their actions don't conflict.

If DblClick doesn't occur within the system's double-click time limit, the control recognizes another Click event. The double-click time limit may vary because the user can set the double-click speed in the Control Panel. When you're attaching procedures for these related events, be sure that their actions don't conflict. Controls that don't receive DblClick events may receive two clicks instead of a DblClick.

When debugging events, do not use MsgBox statements to show when the event occurred, as this will disturb the normal functioning of many events. (For example, a MsgBox in the Click event will prevent DblClick from being raised.) Instead, use Debug.Print to show the order in which events occur


  • To distinguish between the left, right, and middle mouse buttons, use the MouseDown and MouseUp events.
  • If you need the current location of the mouse pointer, use the MouseDown and MouseUp events.


[Visual Basic .NET] Copy Code
Private Sub AxAgUiAxGfxAnalysisCntrl1_DblClick( _
                            ByVal sender As Object, _
                            ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _
                Handles AxAgUiAxGfxAnalysisCntrl1.DblClick
    ' GfxAnalysis control double-clicked
End Sub

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