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IAgSTKXSSLCertificateErrorEventArgs Interface


Provides information about an SSL certificate that is expired or invalid.

Public Methods

Public Method SetIgnoreError Specify True to ignore the certificate error and continue with establishing secure HTTP connection to the remote server.
Public Method SetIgnoreErrorPermanently Specify True to ignore the certificate error and add the certificate to the list of trusted certificates.

Public Properties

Public Property ExpirationDate Certificate's expiration date.
Public Property Handled Indicates whether the event should continue be routed to the listeners. Setting Handled to true will prevent the event from reaching any remaining listeners.
Public Property IsErrorIgnored Returns whether the invalid certificate error is ignored.
Public Property IsExpired Whether the certificate is expired.
Public Property Issuer The provider who issued the certificate.
Public Property PEMData Certificate's PEM data encoded as base-64.
Public Property SerialNumber Certificate's serial number.
Public Property Subject Certificate's subject field.
Public Property ValidDate Certificate's valid date.

CoClasses that Implement IAgSTKXSSLCertificateErrorEventArgs

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