Sending Commands to STK Using Connect

Once you've established a connection to STK, you can send and receive data using the AgConProcessSTKCmd() function, whose prototype is:

AgConProcessSTKCmd (
char *context,
char *cmdString,
AgTConReturnInfo *returnInfo

The context argument, is the value returned from the AgConOpenSTK function, defined during connection, and identifies the connection to which commands are sent.

The cmdString argument is a character string containing the Connect command to be sent.

The returnInfo argument is a structure that contains any information returned by STK.

Connect takes information returned from STK and places it in a AgTConReturnInfo structure:

typedef struct AgTConReturnInfo
char hdrType[AgCRMHAHdrTypeLen+1];
char transId[AgCRMHAHdrIdLen+1];
int numEntries;
char **returnList;
} AgTConReturnInfo;

The hdrType and transId fields are relevant only when Connect is in Async mode. The hdrType field stores type information contained in an asynchronous header. The transId field stores the transaction identification number, also returned in an asynchronous header.

The numEntries field identifies the number of data items being returned by STK. Finally, the returnList field is an array of strings that contains the returned data. The number of array elements is the same as the numEntries field for the structure.

The returnList portion of AgTConReturnInfo() is an allocated array of pointers. The number of array elements allocated depends on the number of messages returned for a given command. Each array element is then allocated sufficient space to hold the returned message. You must free the space allocated with the AgConCleanupReturnInfo.

You must use the AgConCleanupReturnInfo function to free the memory returned by AgConProcessSTKCmd(), otherwise processing errors will occur.

The AgConCleanupReturnInfo() prototype is:

AgConCleanupReturnInfo (
AgTConReturnInfo *pReturnInfo

The AgConCleanupReturnInfo() function frees the memory associated with the structure pointed to by the pReturnInfo parameter.

AgConProcessSTKCmd() returns AgCNoError if successful, AgCError if an error occurs and AgCNackReturned if the command was sent successfully but was rejected by STK.

See the Connect Example File.

STK Engine for UNIX 11.2