STK Object Model

The STK Object Model is a collection of COM libraries (STK Objects, STK X, STK Util, STK Graphics Primitives, STK Esri Display, STK VGT (Analysis Workbench), and STK Astrogator) containing types, interfaces, events and classes representing various aspects of the STK application structure, which is designed to make it easy for you to build custom solutions using STK and the STK Engine. The various components provide developers with capabilities to control and automate STK objects, manage the lifetime of STK objects, access Data Provider Tools, perform access and coverage computations, and respond to events generated by STK.

The STK Object Model is built on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology and can be used in environments supporting standard COM automation. Available environments include .NET(Visual Basic, C#, etc.), Java, C++, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and scripting languages supporting COM late binding.

The STK Object Model is available for use with STK as well as custom-built STK Engine applications.

STK Engine for UNIX 11.3.0