STK Java API - Configuring Eclipse Documentation

The Eclipse IDE has a help system which includes cheat sheets, intellisense, and interactive tutorials. This section focuses on accessing the help for the STK Java API - STK within Eclipse.

STK Javadocs

Configure an Eclipse Java project

  1. Open Eclipse to your preferred workspace.
  2. Find the Package Explorer View and select the Java project you wish to configure.
  3. Click on the Java project with your right mouse button, locate and choose the Properties context menu item.
  4. Choose the Java Build Path item in the left tree panel.
  5. In the right side of the Properties dialog, choose the Libraries tab.
  6. If you do not have any STK Java API jar files referenced in your project follow these instructions.
  7. Click on the first STK Java API jar listed and expand its tree item.
  8. Select Javadoc location: (None)
  9. Click the Edit... button.
  10. Select the Javadoc in archive option
  11. Choose External file.
  12. Click the Browse button.
  13. In the Javadoc Archive Selection dialog
    1. Navigate to the current STK /STK Engine installation directory that contains the STK Java API Javadoc library. For instance:
    2. Platform Path
      Windows 32bit C:\Program Files\AGI\<STKVERSION>\bin
      Windows 64bit C:\Program Files\AGI\<STKVERSION>\bin
      Windows 32bit on 64bit C:\Program Files (x86)\AGI\<STKVERSION>\bin
      Linux <STK_INSTALL_DIR>/bin
    3. Select agi.stk.javadocs.jar
    4. Click the Open button.
  14. Click the OK button to dismiss the Javadoc For ... dialog
  15. Return to the Libraries tab.
  16. Repeat the preceding steps 2 through 10 once for each remaining STK Java API jar files in the Libraries tab.

Hover / Pop-up Intellisense

  1. Open a java file that contains code that uses the STK Java API.
  2. Move/hover the mouse cursor on top of an STK Java API interface, class, enumeration, method, etc.
  3. A tool tip pop-up will display with Javadoc documentation for that API item.

Note: To keep the tool tip from closing when you move the mouse, press the F2 key; then, when you are ready to close the tool tip, click the mouse anywhere on the screen.

Javadoc View

You can also make help appear in the Javadoc tab at the bottom of the IDE. Simply click on the component of interest.

STK Engine for UNIX 11.3.0