STK Astrogator Library

The STK Astrogator library is a COM library containing Object Model components specifically designed to support AGI's Astrogator technology.

The STK Astrogator library is built on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology and can be used in environments supporting standard COM automation. Available environments include .NET (Visual Basic, C#, etc.), Java, C++, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and scripting languages supporting COM late binding.

The IAgDriverMCS interface and associated class provide access to the functionality of STK Astrogator though the STK Astrogator Object Model. Once this interface is acquired, you can configure the Astrogator Mission Control Sequence (MCS), Auto Sequences, and the MCS options.

For an object model version of the "Hohmann Transfer using the Targeter GUI" exercise in the STK Help, click STK Astrogator Tutorial Using the Object Model (PDF).

STK Engine for UNIX 11.3.0