Development Environments

The following development environments are supported for various software development tasks that enable you to automate, extend, integrate, and otherwise customize you STK experience:

Code Samples

AGI provides a variety of ways to use and incorporate our technologies. Code samples that demonstrate various ways to automate and extend the STK application or build custom applications in various development environments (C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, MATLAB, Perl, Python, VBScript, JScript) are shipped with STK.

A full listing of available samples, their function, and location in the install are provided in separate sections. Code samples are organized according to their function in the install. Use the links below to jump to a particular area of interest.

For the Visual Studio samples, the solution and project files are in Visual Studio 2015,Visual Studio 2013, and Visual Studio 2012 formats. All file names contain "_VS2015", "_VS2013", or "_VS2012", indicating the format type.

Visual Studio 2012 Notes

There is the workaround for a known issue with Visual Studio 2012.

Assembly References Do Not Update When Project Output is Added

The problem is the new option introduced with .NET 4.0 that allows you to embed the interop types into the application assembly, thus minimizing the size of the assembly that depends on the interop types. This was done primarily for Microsoft Office interop assemblies.

The workaround is:

  1. Change the framework version to .NET 4.0.
  2. Click the References folder in the project tree.
  3. Select all AGI interop assemblies, including stdole.dll
  4. In the Properties window, set the Embed Interop Types to False.
  5. Change the target framework back to .NET 3.5.
  6. Refresh the dependencies of the Setup project. The AGI primary assemblies should show up in the dependencies list.

STK 11.2.1 Programming Interface