COM-based Engine Plugins

The following table provides a description and plugin point for each available COM-based engine plugin.

COM-based Engine Plugin Name Plugin Point COM-based Engine Plugin Description
Access Constraints IAgAccessConstraintPlugin Implement a custom access constraint metric that can be used in Access for determining visibility intervals and as a Figure of Merit in Coverage.
Astrogator Engine Model IAgGatorPluginEngineModel Model engine thrust, mass flow rate, and Isp.
Equation of Motion Function IAgAsEOMFuncPlugin Add additional equations of motion with user variables and customize the force model when using STK Astrogator to numerically propagate an orbit.
HPOP Force Model AgAsHpopPlugin Customize the force model used when using HPOP and STK Astrogator to numerically propagate an orbit.
Solar Pressure Light Reflection IAgAsLightReflectionPlugin Customize a solar pressure force model used in the propagation of the satellite trajectory.
Drag Model (Particle Reflection) IAgAsDragModelPlugin Customize a drag force model used in the propagation of the satellite trajectory.
STK Astrogator Attitude Controller IAgGatorPluginAttCtrl Customize the attitude of an engine or thruster set (i.e., creating a steering law for an engine).
STK Astrogator Search IAgPluginSearch Implement a custom search algorithm when using a Target Sequence.
STK Graphics IAgStkGraphicsPluginCustomImageGlobeOverlay A base class for custom globe overlay plugins. Your class must derive from the interface to add custom globe overlays.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginCustomImageGlobeOverlayContext Configure a custom image globe overlay. Set the extent, tiler, projection, etc.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginGlobeOverlaySite The Graphics Plugin Site which allows access to the STK Object Model and control the overlay cache.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginProjectionStream A projection that is updated dynamically.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginProjectionStreamContext Configure the projection attributes, such as field of view, near plane, far plane, etc.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginRasterBitmap An interface to set a raster from a bitmap.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginRasterDataBits An interface to set a raster from an array.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginRasterDataOleAuto An interface to set a raster from a safe array.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginRasterStream A raster that is updated dynamically.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginRasterStreamAttributes Configure the raster stream attributes, such as the width, height, format, etc.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginRasterStreamContext Provides interfaces to set a raster.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginSite The Graphics Plugin Site which allows access to the STK Object Model.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginTile Represents individual custom globe overlay tile and its properties.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginTileCollection A collection of tiles used to get the children of a tiler.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginTiler Specifies a cartographic tiling scheme for a custom image globe overlay.
IAgStkGraphicsPluginWithSite The interface provides a mechanism for the plugin to communicate with the container using the specified site object. The Site allows getting to the STK Object Model.
STK Radar IAgStkRadarClutterGeometryPlugin Interface Clutter Geometry Interface provides a mechanism for creating a collection of IAgStkRadarClutterPatch objects.
IAgStkRadarClutterMapPlugin Interface The Clutter Map interface provides a mechanism for modifying the power of the incoming signal returned by the Signal property of the computeParams input parameter by the clutter coefficient of the patch. The signal represents the transmitted signal from the radar, which has been propagated to the clutter patch location.
IAgStkRadarRcsPlugin Interface The RCS interface provides a mechanism for computing the aspect dependent radar cross section for a given incident and reflected body fixed vector.
Vector Geometry Tool AgCrdnPlugin A collection of Vector Geometry Tool interfaces used to create, modify, and view VGT components.
Ephemeris File Reader IAgAsEphemFileReaderPlugin Implement a custom ephemeris file reader that can be used with the STK External propagator.

Sample plugins are located under <STK install folder>\CodeSamples\Extend.

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