Plugin Points for Scripting Plugins

The following applications have plugin points for tasks performed by a script:

Application Task Performed By Script
Access Constraints Model a visibility constraint that is utilized during access computations.
Astrogator Calculation Object Model a user-specific computation.
Astrogator Engine Model Model engine thrust, mass flow rate, and Isp.
Astrogator Propagator Model additional forces (e.g., lift), atmospheric density, and time-varying parameters.
Attitude Simulator Modeling external torques and implementing attitude control laws.
Communications Absorption Loss Model Model RF atmospheric absorption loss.
Communications Constraint Model a user-defined Comm link constraint.
Communications Custom Antenna Gain Model dynamic antenna gain for an antenna.
Communications Rain Loss Model Model RF propagation loss due to rain.
Communications Receiver Model Model user-defined attribute values for a receiver object.
Communications Transmitter Model Model user-defined attribute values for a transmitter object.
Communications Antenna Multibeam Selection Strategy Define the beam selection criteria.
Communications CommSystem Link Selection Strategy Model desired Comm link selection strategy for a CommSystem.
Radar Search/Track Constraint Extend the search/track computation, and define a custom radar search/track constraint.
Radar SAR Constraint Extend the SAR computation, and define a custom radar SAR constraint.
Vector Geometry Tool
Custom Axes
Model a time-varying axes.
Vector Geometry Tool
Custom Vectors
Model a time-varying vector.

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