Build a UI Plugin

You can build a plugin by starting with the Visual Studio UI Plugin Template provided with the STK install or building one from scratch by following the instructions below.

The following topics provide an introductory walk-through to create a sample user interface (UI) plugin in C#. These steps are intended to be read and completed in sequential order.

  1. Create a Valid Plugin
  2. Add a Toolbar Button or Menu Item
  3. Use the STK Object Model
  4. Add a Custom User Control
  5. Add a Custom Config Page

For additional features of UI plugins, and steps to avoid common issues, see:

To deploy a completed plugin to a customer or colleague, see:

Note: The UI Plugin tutorials are provided in Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2013, and Visual Studio 2012 formats. All file names contain "_VS2015", "_VS2013", or "_VS2012", indicating the format type. Visual Studio Express edition may also be used.

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