STK Programming Interface

The STK Programming Interface offers a wide variety of options to automate and customize STK and to integrate its technology into other applications. Additional options let you extend STK using plugins, interface to STK externally through COM and scripting interfaces, and develop custom applications.

Follow these links to:

  • Tutorials, Code Samples, Code Snippets, and Online Resources.

  • Select the Right Technology: a guide to selecting among the technologies available for automating STK, using STK with other applications, extending STK and the STK Engine, developing custom applications, and processing real-time data.

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks: use OLE automation, from both scripts and compiled language, a TCP/IP socket, custom UIs, and external products such as MATLAB to automate STK and custom applications built using the STK Engine.

  • Integrate With Other Applications: add advanced STK 2D, 3D visualization (2D Map control and 3D Globe Control) and analytical capabilities (the STK Application object and Graphics Analysis control) to custom applications with little effort.

  • Extend AGI Products: extend the STK GUI and the STK analysis engine using plugins and custom user interfaces (UIs).

  • Develop Custom Applications: rapid building and deployment of custom software applications that embed AGI's premier geodynamic analysis and visualization engine. Depending on your application specific requirements, you may want to consider the NoGraphics mode.

  • Process Real Time Data: build custom data feed interfaces, specialized data processing, and preconfigured display settings.

  • Browse the Reference Library: detailed listings of the STK Object Model and other COM libraries used in the automation, integration, extension, and development of STK technology.

Version 11.2.1, July 2017
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STK 11.2.1 Programming Interface