Save and Load

The current configuration of AgRt3Application can be saved to or restored from a file at anytime using AgRt3FileOps. None of the entities or triggered events are saved - only the configuration of the providers, queries, event definitions, actions and processors. When loaded, the providers and processors will simply reconnect in their last known state and start processing data immediately.

AgRt3FileOps FileOps = new AgRt3FileOps();
FileOps.Save(Rt3Application, "C:\\MyFilename.rt3");

To load a file you simply pass an existing instance of Rt3Application into Load.

AgRt3FileOps FileOps = new AgRt3FileOps();
FileOps.Load(Rt3Application, "C:\\MyFilename.rt3");

You can also export and import individual objects. Export simply takes the object to export; Import takes the parent of the object that will be imported.

FileOps.Export(MyQuery, "C:\\MyQuery.qry");
FileOps.Import(RT3Application, "C:\\MyProvider.prv");

STK 11.2.1 Programming Interface